Seam finishing

 I’ve not had the best results in the past with pinking seams on garments and I like to be able to throw my clothes in the washing machine without worrying that they’ll fall apart. Normally I finish seams by zigzagging them. 

However, with the linen I bought recently I could see how the loose weave would fray easily, so I wanted to try something different instead. I ordered a couple of different colours of rayon seam binding from Crafty Ribbons. It came really quickly and was quite inexpensive, plus they’d included a sample of their new French cotton lace in a pretty pale blue, so I might end up a repeat customer! 

I’ve tried out the binding tonight on the shoulder seams of my current work in progress. I’m making my white checked linen into a Coffee Date Dress (minus the ruffle). I’m lining this with white viscose, due to the sheerness of the white linen. 

The finish feels secure, it was very easy to do and it doesn’t add much bulk. I’m planning to use it for the skirt and waist seams, and I’m considering using it to hem the dress too. I’m looking forward to seeing this finished. 

 I also love my new ironing board cover, it’s sewing themed! 


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