Monthly Archives: July 2015

Wishing I was a speedier sewist

I’ve been much more productive than usual in the past few weeks, with two fabrics making it into garments before I’d even owned them a month (my longest stashed item has been languishing for about five years!) I think that’s maybe connected to the fact that one of the reasons I sew is for stress relief and I get married two weeks on Saturday. Two weeks! 

However, I still feel like I’m making slow progress on my linen sundress. This is possibly because I’ve elected to bind the seams, so each seam is taking twice as long as normal to finish. And being lazy, or time-efficient, with things I know I’ll wear infrequently I’ve been known to just leave a wide seam allowance unfinished in the past. I think this is a bad habit I should leave behind, and accept that I’ll just have to practice more if I want to be a speedier sewist!