Monthly Archives: August 2015

Have I gone mad? 

At walthamstow the other weekend a fabric caught my eye, and I just couldn’t go home without it.  

 Unusually for me it’s a very loud print, full of bright colours. Almost completely the opposite of the subtle prints or plain colours I normally wear. 

  Luckily the reverse is a bit more toned down, so I’m hoping this will make a wearable Saltbox tank top by Blueprints for Sewing. 


Sewing in the news

I came across an excellent article this morning on the benefits of sewing in the Guardian, by Jenny of the Cashmerette and Curvy Sewing Collective blogs. It’s generating a lot of comments, and happily most of them are fellow sewing enthusiasts or those who wish they could sew. I love to see sewing in the media, I’m hoping it breaks down the myth that it’s specialised and difficult, or something that only old ladies do. 

Read it here