Made Up initative progress

When donating to the Made Up Initiative (a really worthy cause; I was always reading as a child and it’s a shame to think some children don’t have the chance to enjoy that experience) I pledged to make a start on a pair of Ultimate Trousers. This poor pattern has been languishing for almost a year, and I’ve had some black cotton drill earmarked for about the same length of time. Time to forget the notion that trousers will be way harder to make than dresses! 

Well, I’ve jumped in and made a start. 

I’m one muslin into the process, and already I can tell there needs to be a little fine-tuning on the fit…like the addition of nearly 20cm to the leg length! I’m 5″8 and want these to be a full length pair of trousers. 

So far, I must admit that making trousers isn’t as scary as I thought, and even if I don’t get them finished by the deadline I’m proud of myself for getting on with it and proving that I can make trousers(!!!). 


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