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Today’s Walthamstow market bargains 

As my best friend has expressed an interest in trying out dressmaking I said I’d go to Walthamstow to pick up some cheap-ish cotton or other beginner-friendly fabric for her to have a go. While I was there I somehow ended up with a few bits for me too! 

Firstly, I spotted this gorgeous elephant print, and the black and white animal print in Classic Textiles (the black and green shop at the end near the bus station). As I’m going to be meeting the elephants at Whipsnade Zoo at the end of July I thought an appropriate top or two might be in order.  In the same shop I also saw this third print, which will hopefully make a top that can be worn year round. I’ve been finding recently that I make and buy a lot of grey, which is uninspiring when getting dressed on a sunny day so these neon pink feathers should liven things up.   In Fabric House, which is one of my favourite in Walthamstow, I picked up this textured blue fabric, and this black fabric. I believe from the feel the blue is a thick cotton, but I have no idea about the black other than it appears to be a twill weave and has a nice drape. Both are destined to become dresses for work. I have a strict dress code at work, and am allowed navy, grey or black skirts, dresses or trousers, and tops/blouses in solid white, cream, pale pink or black, so at least the textured fabric will bring some interest, and it was only £1/m.  

Finally, as I was making my way back to the bus station I stopped at a stall I’d seen earlier to pick up some of this Orla Kiely-esque print for my friend. While I was poking about I noticed this white fabric with a multicolour woven check, which in my head had already become a crisp summer dress and so I had to buy some. It feels smooth and soft but with weight too, and the stall holder told me it was linen.  With the (lack of) speed of my sewing, let’s see how many summers pass before I’m wearing it!  Into the wash with all of these, and then on with my current work in progress, the silk t-shirt pattern from the Great British Sewing Bee Fashion with Fabric book.